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May 02, 2014

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~recipe for Plum, Blueberry & Thyme Galette~

One of my most anticipated spring rituals is my annual trip to the local nurseries to pick up vegetables for my wee garden and annuals for my porch decor. So it’s safe to say this weekend you’ll see me in my wellies with dirt on my hands. And since this weekend is also the first day of local farmer’s markets, I will be behaving similarly to a kid in a toy store.

The beauty of the weekend is the flexible ease to follow our fancies. So if by chance you fancy to peruse what the blog had to offer this weekend, be sure to stop by this week’s most popular post, as well as any of these articles that caught my attention this week . . .

~Chef Laura Calder speaks on her new cookbook Paris Express . . . get to know her thoughts on Paris here.

~Want to bring art into your home without paying through the ceiling prices? Find out how here in Let’s Make Louvre.

~18 Reasons to Give Up Trying to Live Up to Everyone’s Expectations

May you have a weekend tailored to your tastes and until next time, bonjour.

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