Style Inspiration: Impressive Summer Style

Jun 09, 2015


With summer comes playful combinations, as well as options and pairings you may not consider during the other three months. Since stepping outside of your comfort zone is part of the game it seems, indulge in this season, have fun and experiment. Who knows, you may just find something to add to your signature style that you couldn’t imagine living without. From fringed skirts as the one above, to sheer maxi dresses, stacked sandals or a statement print sheath, keep your eye out from something that sings to you.

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8 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: Impressive Summer Style

  1. Oh my!! I _love_ the look with the pleated skirt (very much in love with the top!!), and also the one with the shirt turned into a bit of a different top (lady with glasses, and brushed-back hair). However… I’d like to have something underneath, as to avoid the exposure of more bosom than I care to show off! 😉 😀

    1. I love that skirt as well. The woman was captured during Fashion week this past fall in either Paris or NYC, and as you pointed out, she has a knack for pairing separates. If I find a similar option, I will be sure to share.

  2. I love your blog and inspirations! Your advice that always hits home for me. Can you share where I might find that fabulous white skirt the woman on the pink bicycle is wearing? Thank you!

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