Summer Travel Attire

Aug 20, 2019

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~DVF Demi Collared Midi Dress in cornflower, on sale~

As summer begins to wind down, it may see to be the last thing to think about, but stocking up on beautiful summer travel attire items is not a bad idea as prices are significantly slashed on some, if not many designs.

Either way, since our recent excursions are fresh in our minds, we know what we have that worked well and we know what was missing. I have shopped a few items for you today, but certainly visit your favorite designers’ websites to see if what you love isn’t already on sale. And while we will have to wait nine months to enjoy wearing them, what a wonderful treat to see them in our closet when May and June arrive.

~DVF Rea Ruffled Silk-Chiffon Maxi Dress, on sale~
~Maje Ralfa Midi dress in Daisy Guipure, on sale~
~Mango Chain Print Dress, on sale (save an additional 10% on top of the sale price with promo code 10EXTRA~

2 thoughts on “Summer Travel Attire

  1. I have learned to wear summer dresses day at home and feel so much better about myself. I have a trip to Japan coming up and will be taking dresses for the first time. There are plenty of inexpensive, comfortable dresses out there. Your post is very inspirational.

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