Style Inspiration: Style At A Certain Age

Aug 11, 2015

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certainage11This week’s Style Inspiration is slightly different, but I have a feeling nearly every TSLL reader, regardless of your age or body type will find inspiration when they go to their closets after having perused today’s selection of images. I am tickled to introduce to you Street Style blogger Beth Djalali, who is the talent and expert eye of knowing how to put timeless outfits together as seen on her blog Style At A Certain Age.

Why it took me this long to find her, I don’t know, but I am simply tickled to have stumbled across her blog while perusing my Pinterest favorites. Having grown up in Omaha, Nebraska, and now calling San Francisco home, Beth has been blogging since 2014 and at age 56 offers style that is thoughtful and stunning to offer inspiration no matter what your age.

While her blog’s title suggests a certain audience, I would argue we all, women that is, can find ideas and inspiration as she displays a true understanding for how classic, chic style works. For example, that pairing brown and black together is an absolutely must when done right, statement jewelry eliminates the need for excess and a pop of brilliantly selected color to complement one’s skin tone can do wonders. Nearly all of her outfits are ideas I gravitate towards in my own capsule wardrobe especially her Parisian flare in many of her ensembles. Bravo Beth, and keep up the amazing style.

Enjoy getting to know Beth Djalali and for each of the outfits, you can visit her Pinterest and blog for the shopping links.

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27 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: Style At A Certain Age

  1. This is great, Shannon – I just turned 50, and am looking for inspiration to stay stylish and appropriately dressed. As TSLL and Style at a Certain Age both show, it can be done! Thanks for introducing us to Beth – she’s definitely someone to reference.

  2. Beautiful! Frankly, I welcome more diversity in showing women with style. I don’t look to 19 year olds for inspiration (just turned 38). When I look for role models, I look for older women who have it together, because that’s where I’m headed — not downward! I want to see older women leading rich, full lives, because they do and they’re out there. And that’s what inspires me about aging.

  3. Love it. Especially because there were so many jackets. I live in the area of arctic air conditioning and a jacket or layer is a must.

  4. I loved this post. Thank you for introducing me to this new blog, Style At a Certain Age. It perfect for me. I signed right up to follow. Thank you, I am a devoted fan of TSLL.

  5. Oh, I want to be her when I grow up! She looks so effortlessly put together and classy. I’m so pleased you shared Beth’s blog.

  6. hi ladies! i wanted to stop by, and say thank you for all of your kind words. it means so much me to hear your words of encouragement. isn’t shannon amazing for connecting us to each other? oh, the internet can be a wonderful place. love, love, love the simply luxurious life, and the amazing blogger behind it!
    xxoo beth

  7. Beth is super chic and is a resident of my beloved city, too. I love the fact that she has embraced her natural hair color. I just turned 50 and have decided to kick the (dye) bottle! I am at about the midway point, and Beth has given me inspiration to keep going. Thanks for featuring her, Shannon!

  8. Oh my goodness, I just found Beth also (and also on Pinterest)! I spent a large amount of time stalking her blog and Instagram, sorry Beth. I am totally obsessed with her. A great inspiration for those of us of a certain age, ?. I am much older and love her style!

    It also does not hurt that SF IS MY FAVORITE city in the USA. Only Paris beats it out as my number ONE,

  9. This is lovely! I enjoyed this post so much and know I’ll be going back to Beth’s beautiful blog again and again.

  10. Love every single look. For a lady in my mid-fifties I find it challenging at times to dress youthful but age appropriate, she has done it flawlessly. She has a new follower with me.

  11. Incredibly classy and chic. What a great inspiration, and so encouraging for women to see that one can still be that chic and stylish over 50. Thanks for sharing, Shannon!

  12. I also am 50 (about to be 51 next month) and am looking for good “style mentors”. Beth is great. Please post more! Trying to find clothes that are stylish, don’t look dated and are still comfortable is a real trick the older you get when all the clothes are shown on the younger models.

    Thank you, thank you!!

  13. Thank you for sharing the stylish expressions of Beth. I’m 57 and have been combing the blogosphere trying to find stylish, progressive, engaged boomers. Beth is truly an inspiration! I will definitely follow her. She inspired me to go through my closet and possibly treat myself to a few updated pieces. This is the morale boost that I needed for today 😀

  14. Shannon, I love this. Thanks you for introducing your followers to a stylish woman of “une certain age.” As a retired Portland Oregon area middle school teacher, I have always coloured my hair, so as to not appear “old.” I look with envy at women with stunning grey hair, and think, “soon.” She is an inspiration! I also like the fact that she has a “normal” body, and is not stick thin, but healthy and fit-looking.
    I’m now living in the Paris area of France, and need to “up-tick” my style. This has motivated me to get-goin on the project!

  15. You have fabulous style, but the shorts are only for the beach, they are not flattering especially with a jacket.

  16. How do you do it? So simple yet so pulled together in every shot. Do you ever wear the same piece twice?

  17. Watching from Kenya and loving every style. I love the classic wardrobe even if I have to get some clothes from the flea market. Well presented videos too.

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