Style Inspiration: Wrap, Cap & Cape

Dec 09, 2014

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Warmth is key when it comes to dressing up for the chilly months, but being bundled doesn’t mean neglecting style. Whether wearing a cape, wrapping a scarf or donning a cap, all options provide an opportunity to reveal your signature style. Have a look . . .

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~November Warmth

~Winter Casual

~Gray & Warm

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3 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: Wrap, Cap & Cape

  1. Whilst I do love your blog and the photos are always gorgeous, I feel as though you only present one type of women, as a black woman I would love to see some more diversity.

      1. Hi Shannon

        I love your blog and the style photos too but would also like to see some more diversity including as to body type! I know that many of the women in fashion are of a particular body type but there are also great examples of more curvy women such as Scarlett Johannson, Monica Bellucci, Dita von Teese etc and it would be great if your style photos could also showcase how these women style their body types (rather than just tall women with long skinny legs and flat chests!). Thanks for all of your great work on the blog! 🙂

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