Style Inspiration: A White Summer

Jun 27, 2013

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The days are warmer, the sun is closer and whites want out of the closet. Find your proper nude undergarments and wear white with abandon. Whether you choose cotton, linen, silk or cashmere, have fun, accessorize for your signature style and get lost in the leisure of the summer.

   Images: (1)source(2) source (3) source (4) source  (5) source (6) source (7) source (8) source (9) Rue mag (10) source (11) source  (12)  source (14) source(15) source(16) The Northern Light

3 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: A White Summer

  1. I absolutely love the look of white, however am afraid to wear it in fear of getting it dirty. It is inevitable that coffee/food will spill on my white pants before days end.
    I am swooning over Olivia’s look in the photo above, the perfectly rolled boyfriend jeans, neutral flats, silk tank and white blazer. Not to mention the cute pup 🙂

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