Style Inspiration: White, Black & Gray

Jan 06, 2015

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When in doubt, choose black, white or gray. Perfect pairing partners with any ensemble or quite striking as a monochromatic outfit. For soft, clean and confident – white. For strong, mysterious and sophisticated – black. For a neutral, friendly, chic comfort – grey. But then again, what really determines the mood is the woman wearing the clothes. Have a look at a few outfits of inspiration.

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9 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: White, Black & Gray

  1. Admit it — you’ve been peeking in my closet! Everything is predominantly black, with some white, gray — and some brown tones for a shot of “color”. 😉 I love separates, because I can shuffle things around and make up an entirely new outfit, and I love having a “capsule wardrobe” where everything can go with everything else. Makes getting dressed so much easier, and I never stand in front of my closet thinking “Oh, I have nothing to wear!”

  2. Perfect post today. Back to work after a long two week break and I already couldn’t decide what to wear to the office today. Looking at your ideas, et voila!

  3. These are my three “essential” colors. I love the way they can make you look hard or soft, edgy or feminine and I can always layer them to create any mood or attitude I wish to convey. Those “keep a lifetime” investment pieces are usually found in this color range too. Great curation. many, many thanks for highlighting my blog too!
    Accidental Icon

  4. I only wear black, white and denim – I have incorporated some soft pale grey sweaters into the mix, but even when I find it lovely and soothing on others, I still have a difficult time overcoming my own attempts. Clearly there is not one item of color in my wardrobe! Navy and camel were eliminated years ago – again, lovely on others, but stressful for me.

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