Style Inspiration: Touches & Splashes of Noir

Feb 03, 2015

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Ah, black. The trustworthy staple whether we wear it in grand amounts or small, it can provide protection, exude mystery or simply create a stunning silhouette. Capable of being paired with absolutely everything (including navy – thank you Yves Saint Laurent for bringing this to our attention!), having a classic black dress, a black leather jacket, horizontal stripes, black print blouses, black sandals or pumps and why not black leather pants like Kate Moss (okay, maybe a step too far, even for me  🙂 ), it is a fun staple to experiment with, no? Enjoy a few inspiring style options.

2.4.15bb 2.4.15b
2.4.15d 2.4.15e
2.4.15i 2.4.15j 2.4.15k


~White, Black & Grey

~Black, White & Warm

~Shades of Black & Tan

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8 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: Touches & Splashes of Noir

  1. Always… always my favorite “color”. Most of my wardrobe is black. I always feel comfortable and chic in it.

  2. Hi! Perhaps this is a silly question but something I’ve been meaning to ask. I purchased a black BR wrap dress this fall and have the worst time with hanging it! I don’t want to stretch out the shoulders by traditionally hanging it, but any other way creates terrible wrinkles. How do you store your beautiful and timeless wrap dresses?

    Thanks! xo

    1. Not a silly question at all! What a great staple to have in your capsule wardrobe. The key is to have a steamer or an iron handy. I prefer a steamer as I can quickly iron any wrinkles without adding any wear or tear to the dress. No matter how you choose to hang it, you will have a wrinkle somewhere. I prefer to hang it as DVF displays her in the boutique by wrapping the waist belts around the waist. This does mean you will have to iron, but it will keep the belt from dropping tot he floor and help the dress hold its shape.

  3. Lived in black until the 50’s. Still wear but soften with navy. to the 60’s plus out there I am 56 thin and dress in a similar way to the pics and feel wonderful. No skirts above knee and distressed jeans feels like trying to hard to be cool but otherwise… iI you feel like mutton dressed as lamb that look is not for you- if you feel wonderful and get complemented then you have your answer.

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