Style Inspiration: The Bag

Mar 24, 2015

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One of my favorite weekend readings is the Life & Style section in The Wall Street Journal‘s Saturday/Sunday issue. On the cover this past week was this article which discussed the move away from the “It” bag and toward more individualized tastes and void of exterior labels. It’s an interesting proposition, but from my own opinion, an investment bag isn’t anything that is purchased thoughtlessly, each season or to follow a trend. It is something that works with one’s lifestyle, preferences and budget, and if the fashion press has happened to label it an “it” bag, so be it, no?

Wherever you fall on the issue, it reminded me of how long I have had my own day tote, and still love it. And while I continue to receive compliments on it, I purchased it and love it because it works for my lifestyle (I need a lot of interior space), is a color that is a statement (cerulean) but also works with just about any outfit I choose, and was the right price for an investment item.   At the bottom of today’s post are a few options for handbag’s in a variety of colors, styles and prices just to give you some ideas. Enjoy perusing!

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10 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: The Bag

  1. Yes! There’s nothing like a well-made, leather tote to make a confident, elegant statement. My favorite is the Minimalist Tote from Stash, and the JCrew Downing Tote. Both are well made, classic and easy to carry. Have you ever checked out the New York Times’s Thursday Style Section? One of my favorites, and filled with plenty of inspiration.

  2. I’ve never been the kind of person who buys handbags because of the labels. I buy based on what I like and what my needs are (and what I can afford), so I guess I’m already ahead of this trend!

  3. I have been on a mission for the “right” nude crossbody bag! The one you show from J. Crew is it and it’s on sale to boot. This is exactly what I had in mind for my trip to Istanbul/Greece next month. Bless you!

  4. A girlfriend of mine has tasked me to find her the oversized brown clutch purse with the wrap around tie pictured above (the one with the woman in the grey dress).
    As there isn’t any product information accompanying the photo, I am wondering if you could provide me with details to help me find it. What I said the brand name and where might one purchase it?!?
    Any assistance you can provide would be more than greatly appreciated!
    Thanks so much!

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