Style Inspiration: Signature Heels & Color

May 09, 2013

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Beautiful and statement making shoes will forever be a passion of mine. After all, nothing elevates a simple, chic look more than a pair of heels that were carefully selected and assembled with durability and style in mind.

Another simple style trick when working with a capsule wardrobe is to adhere to neutral pieces that mix and match in a variety of combinations and then complete the look with a touch of signature color. For example, a beautiful clutch, a bright leather jacket or a head turning scarf. Have a look at a few stylish examples:


Images: (1) source (2) source  (3) source (4) Atlantic-Pacific  (5) source(6) source(7) source  (8) source (9) source  (10) source  (11) source   (12) source

4 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: Signature Heels & Color

  1. Fiona, I’m a curvy girl too and I can wear crops…it’s all about finding ones with the right proportions. Try on a bunch until you get the right fit and then you can show off all your fun heels. 🙂

  2. Fiona, Jill is absolutely correct! One thing to also keep in mind is the length of the jean. With a crop at the ankle, your body is elongated, whereas if it is in the middle of the calf, the body looks chopped up. Based on your silhouette always keep in mind proportions.

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