Style Inspiration: The Shift to Fall

Sep 24, 2014

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After the deluge of rain on Monday evening, and the few falling leaves that have begun to turn into many, I do believe fall is here. I have a feeling my first sweater will be worn later this week, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a hot apple pie pops out of the oven this weekend with a large dollop of vanilla ice cream to complete the dish. Needless to say, the style has changed on the street as well, from sweaters and layers, to warm hues and suede pumps, it’s time to pull that fall wardrobe out everyone. Enjoy the change of seasons.

9.24.14a 9.24.14b 9.24.14c 9.24.14d 9.24.14e 9.24.14f 9.24.14h 9.24.14i 9.24.14j


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9 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: The Shift to Fall

  1. Ooh, Julianne Moore is elegant perfection! I’d like to find her bag and pendant, please. The girl in the black leather skirt and cognac almost steals the shot too.

  2. I LOVE the leather skirt and blazer outfit, this is my style spot on! I love how she uses accessories to add the finishing touches. Would love to see you replicate this outfit.

  3. I love outfit no. 5. The color of the jacket, the mix of textures , and thoughtful accessories that look so oh-I-just-threw-these-on, all add up to a fantastic fall outfit.

  4. I like the one with the cream and beige shades too….I always find that an entire outfit in shades of one colour is so very chic and the textures in this one really make it special.

  5. Love #4–Those shades of cream and beige are so elegant. As a shoe fanatic, I love the simple style of the suede shoes.

  6. I love #5 the blazer, striped blouse and leather skirt is fabulous!!!!
    If there could be two winners I would choose the creams and beige outfit as a close second!

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