Style Inspiration: Parisian Spring Style

Apr 11, 2013

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To be able to spend time in Paris in the spring. Oh, what a lovely dream. Someday perhaps, it will be a reality I will be able to enjoy, but for now, I will dream with the wardrobe I choose to wear, and so can you.

Play with the classic ensemble items – a khaki trench, a crisp white button-up shirt, stripes, and scarves, but then add your own signature touch – a brilliant red skirt, a leopard belt or a few sequins perhaps? Today I’ve gathered together many different ways of incorporating Paris into your spring wardrobe.


Images: (1) source (2)source   (3) source   (4) source (5) source (6) source (7) source (8) source   (9) source

11 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: Parisian Spring Style

  1. Very inspiring – but where can I get the Bonjour sweater??? Everywhere I look it’s out of stock.

  2. I got the Bonjour sweater few weeks back after I saw it on another blogger’s site. It is really cool and I love it! Hopefully they will get it again soon.

  3. Shannon,

    I am wondering what your thoughts are on setting a clothing budget. I have never set one before, but this morning I was thinking about it and I thought you might be a good person to ask.

  4. I love all the styles! it’s gotten me excited for a new Spring wardrobe!

    I desperately hope the “Bonjour” top comes back in stock!
    Thanks Shannon!

  5. Nicole,

    Great question. Setting a clothing budget is necessary when it comes to maintaining a sound financial foundation. After paying your monthly bills, take a look at your discretionary income and determine how much of it you can afford to allot toward your wardrobe. There may be some months you spend nothing in order to save up for the following months as you know you will want to hit certain sales or recently released collections. I hope this helps.

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