Style Inspiration: Parisian Chic

Mar 29, 2012

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I have been lost in thoughts of Paris this week, and while my trip isn’t until this summer, I am planning my wardrobe; thus this week’s Style Inspiration post is full of Parisian chic ensembles and actual chic style that walked the fashionable streets of Paris this last October. With nautical stripes, white jeans, and every piece well-tailored, oh la la doesn’t begin to do justice to the stylish inspiration the French have caused so many to love.

parischic2 paris11 paris3 paris50

19 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: Parisian Chic

  1. Thanks for this. I absolutely love the outfit in photo #4 – the black high waisted trousers are AMAZING and I love how she paired it with items that made her still look chic but casual and not business-y. It’s a fantastic look that I’d love to recreate.

  2. I’m also going to Paris this summer and I was wondering if you know any stylish and comfortable shoes to walk there? Something that doesn’t scream Tourist.

    1. I have been making my wardrobe list for Paris and checking to see what NOT to wear as to avoid the label (if at all possible) of tourist. Nearly every suggestion is ballet flats or sandals (but not flip flops).

  3. It’s funny when somebody is looking 100% Parisienne, tooooo perfect like Kerry Bradshaw in Paris, over the top and over done – it’s obviously a tourist who tried very hard and did her best to keep up with ideal image.
    No matter what, it’s impossible to blend. Just be different and the best self is good enough.
    Love image #1, simple and perfect, chic and universal. We all know when it comes to Parisian look it’s not about what, it’s how. One has to live there to master n’est pas?
    Last August little silk dresses with small floral/abstract prints were popular among locals and classic stripes not that much.

    1. Good point. Part of exuding Parisian Chic is the attitude, blase self-confidence and not appearing as though your wardrobe took too much thought, when it fact, it was very clearly pulled together.

      And, indeed, one most certainly would have to live there for an extended period of time to master this Parisian Chic attitude, but I will be doing my best, as I know so many will be doing as well no matter where we might live. 😉

  4. Any idea where the 5th picture down is from? The b/w striped shirt and cream skirt? I am IN LOVE with the skirt and have been looking for that exact style for so long!

    1. I think it was from J. Crew, but when I found the picture it wasn’t linked. I know that Theory often does a similar skirt. i bought one a few years back and saw a similar one last winter. Good luck!

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