Style Inspiration: NYFW Fall 2013

Feb 14, 2013

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New York Fashion Week would not be stymied by Nemo’s wintery flurries this past week as editors, bloggers, buyers and photogs braved the weather to see the runway shows and presentations. A fantastic array of wintery attire was out on display and even much color didn’t stay on the hangers.
While I caught a few shows via livestream (Jason Wu and Rachel Zoe), I have been enjoying taking time to look at all of the collections designers have shared. See all of my favorites here on my NYFW Fall 2013 pinterest board.

And even though at times it seems the styles on the streets during the fashion weeks are exaggerated, trendy and appear impossible to emulate, what I find inspiring is one or two ideas of what colors and/or prints actually work well together that I wouldn’t have expected or a new way to wear a particular accessory. And if the stylish women in these photos can look fabulous taking significant sartorial risks, why not take at least a small one from time to time when it comes to our own wardrobes? Something to ponder at least.

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  1. Shannon — LOVE your blog. My question — how do you find the time to work full time, put together the amazing content on this blog and still have time to enjoy your downtime. I’d love to be in on your secrets!


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