Style Inspiration: Luxe & Comfort

Jan 13, 2015

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As January hangs on, and the clouds hang low, the urge to wear comfort and stay inside is very tempting. But even if we do relent, staying stylish is always possible. From the fabrics we choose, selecting a signature flat that completes the outfit or a beautiful pendant necklace that accentuates our neckline, chic and comfort can co-exist.

One of my latest favorite casual comfortable designers is James Perse. Turned on to him this past summer after purchasing a knee-length body-con racerback jersey dress for leisurely outings, I have been checking out the offerings more frequently and recently found this Collage Wrap Dress that might just be a wonderful addition. Needless to say, comfort can exist with chic style, and below are a few examples of how to make it work.

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~Those Shoes & Other Details

~Winter Casual

~Black, White & Warm

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5 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: Luxe & Comfort

  1. I have several pieces from JP ~ love them all. The tees are my favorite for layering and when the weather gets warm. Gorgeous wintery images! xxleslie

  2. The essence of luxurious comfort really lies in the quality of the fabric. I like James Perse for “essentials” like long sleeved T’s. He has beautiful cottons and jerseys. My new favorite for the winter is black wool. Keeps me warn in a natural way and gives me the urban luxe look I love. You captured my mood exactly, right now more than ever I need to be comfortable.

    Accidental Icon

  3. Love animal print pumps to elevate a casual look and a soft, over-sized sweater in a beautiful neutral, like cream or grey, for my luxury items. I had the opportunity to ready your book over the holidays and really enjoyed your ideas. You provided good motivation for 2015!

    1. Susan, Thank you for your interest in the book. I am so happy to hear it provided new ideas as you begin the new year. I have no doubt you will see some very beautiful and wonderful moments. 🙂

  4. I really love your blog; in fact, I read it every day. But I have a question: Is the essence of French style very, very thin women? Almost seemingly anorexic? Although these women make for great pictures, I would hope that true style comes in many different shapes and sizes. It would be nice to see you feature some variety, but I understand if I’m “not in the know.”

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