Style Inspiration: Loose & Chic

May 19, 2015

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The idea of wearing well-tailored clothing is a grand idea, but from time to time wearing clothing that drapes, hangs loose and is free-flowing leaves a woman’s shape to one’s imagination and this isn’t all a bad thing. So long as you choose the right fabric that moves, breathes and ever so slightly lays against the body when movement occurs to remind the on-looker of a woman’s physique, such options are always a good idea to have on hand. And with the added benefit of absolute comfort and ideal dressing to stay cool in the sweltering months, it is all the more reason to add an oversized blouse, shift dress, or maxi skirt to the capsule wardrobe. Have a look a some inspiration below.

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5 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: Loose & Chic

  1. Fantastic post. Usually I cannot see myself wearing anything like the styles you post, either due to body type or lifestyle, but there are several here I will be pinning!

  2. I guess it depends on your height. I’m short (5′ tall) and thin. Wearing anything drapey completely overwhelms me. I only feel at home in clothing that is more form-conscious. A full skirt is about as far as I could go without feeling that I was swimming in my clothes.

  3. I would wear everything except the peach dress with the breast out….I especially love the black and white skirt…I need that skirt!

  4. I love all of those looks. I wish I could wear some of the maxi dress styles, but I usually just forego them since I’ll have to spend more money on getting them tailored (I’m petite!). That’s why I love the looks where you do a snug pair of jeans and a drapey blouse, like the one you shared of the woman in the blue jeans and white v-neck blouse, and then that last photo of the woman in the jeans and oversize black top. So chic – love all your picks! <3

  5. I always enjoy your style posts! You guys are lucky to be heading into the summer whilst here in Sydney we enter the doom of winter!!!

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