Style Inspiration: The Height of Denim

Jan 20, 2015

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Lately, you might have noticed a return of the high-rise, denim jeans that is. And while initially you may be thinking frumpy, out-of-date, I would beg your patience to hear me out first on this style that is having a comeback for a reason. The high-waisted denim jean is a simple way of elongated your leg especially if you are not blessed with Karlie Kloss’ natural height. Whether you choose skinny, straight or flared, high-waisted can be very flattering as it shows off a narrow waist and reveals your curves.

Below you will see most of the images include a pair of this trendy style, other images, I’m not quite sure as a chic blouse or sweater is worn over the top, but what I hope you see is that it is what you pair these jeans with as well as choosing the right leg-style that will turn this once understandably forgotten about style into a choice to reconsider.

I recently stocked my capsule wardrobe with a pair of black skinny jeans and yes, they too have a high-waist. Thank goodness! I am beyond mourning the trend that was the low-rise. Are you with me? Not only is the high-waisted look appropriate no matter which way we move our bodies, but feminine as well, and designers are realizing its appeal to customers.


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~Summer Chic (for my Aussie readers!)

~White, Blue & Denim

~White & Denim

~Winter Casual

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11 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: The Height of Denim

  1. *Does backflips and throws confetti* I am SO glad to see the back of the low-rise trend! Don’t let the door hit you in the fanny on the way out, low-rise! I have a slim waist and like to show it off with slim lines, which means that I like tops that are tucked in. You can’t tuck in with a low-rise, and if you try to, you immediately lose the waistline anyway. This is great news!

  2. Well, all I can say is….It is about time! I love high rise, I think they are so much more elegant, if you can call jeans elegant, lol! Great post.

  3. The high waist can be so flattering to many different body types and so I think it is a good thing. Like anything else it is about fit and how you style. I for one am happy with the selections that include flares! Flares do such a good job lengthening the leg of those of us on the shorter side and they also make me feel nostalgic about my days as a hippie wearing bell bottoms and love beads.

    Accidental icon

  4. Love the higher waisted jeans. Much more comfortable in a sitting position, as well as engendering a feeling of security.

  5. When this style started to come back, I thought “eww that is so 90’s.” But the look is very sophisticated and chic and you can do a lot with high-waist pants. I actually bought a pair of high-waist jean leggings last year and they are very flattering.

  6. I wish I could pull this off – but the high waist just makes my tummy look worse. I love the outfits and am going to stick with the big tops over skinny jeans – sometimes with heels!

  7. Being a woman of a certain age with a muffin top, high waisted jeans cover my top well so I can rock the straight legged jeans( and the spandex is forgiving too)

  8. Good job, I did not throw out my high waisted and wider leg pants. I knew they would come back, the low rise was not a good look on most people. Love the list, great pairing ideas. Thanks

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