Style Inspiration: Feminine Attire

Sep 06, 2012

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With New York Fashion Week officially beginning today, I couldn’t help but begin to feel the fashionable energy even though I won’t be arriving in Manhattan until the end of the week. Whether you are attending the festivities or are getting back into a regular work/school routine, it is time to put summer behind us and step it up a bit more at work. However in this change of routine, we are also able to enjoy the luxury of sprucing up our wardrobe for fall. Why not this fall wear a few more dresses, skirts and lovely blouses? Why not revel in your femininity and do so with confidence? Here are a few images to provide some stylish inspiration.


9 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: Feminine Attire

  1. Love playing up my femininity but I need help deciding what to wear to a football game! any suggestions for a newly single lady interested in football and looking cute & classy?

    1. First of all, go to the game to enjoy the game and then dress for the weather. In September you can usually get away with jeans, a chic, unique way of displaying your team’s colors and comfortable shoes.
      When it gets colder, still try to hang on to your signature style, just make sure it’s a little warmer – a fun stocking cap, a fitted down coat, Uggs or wellies with your jeans tucked into them, and a scarf is always a good idea.
      Have fun!

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