Style Inspiration: Details, Jeans & Leather

Jan 27, 2015

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With any outfit we pull together, it is the last touches that complete a look, and when we are opting to wear denim or leather accessories such as a leather jacket or boots, they offer a versatile palate for a variety of details to shine. How we style our hair, the tote we throw over our shoulder, or the scarf we wrap around our neck is to seal the deal and put the finishing touch upon an outfit we’ve carefully planned no matter how casual or dressed up we prefer to be. In this week’s Style Inspiration, enjoy a bit of varied inspiration that reveals at least one of these three components.

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11 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: Details, Jeans & Leather

  1. I have to say I LOVE your website and that you have given me soo many great ideas for things to add to my life as well as many things to think about as I struggle through some tricky parts of life yet always remember to embrace the simple things.
    However I do find it a bit close minded that all of your lovely style inspirations are of very thin women. It would be nice to see some inspirational style that reflects all body types and therefore surely all of your readers.

  2. Ditto to that! Also, don’t forget that some of us are 60 plus and still want to look current, and want to look our age- not trying to look 30 years younger. What do you suggest for us?

  3. I’ve gotta say that a well-fitting leather jacket really is precious and brings one to a new level! Thank you for your amazing blog!

  4. I love the navy pinstripe back to the black skinny pants. That same black oxford is on sale at Brooks Brothers not to mention the navy pinstripe suit.
    Check it out!
    Throw a red plaid shirt under it and you have a whole new feel.
    Remember every look can be modified to fit the age and size.

  5. Hi Shannon, all these styles are classic! The great thing about them is that they can be worn at any age. I am 52 and have several of these pieces I could put together. My step-mother is in her 70’s and also dresses similarly. She is a true Francophile and spends part of each summer in France. I think you are doing a fabulous job of showing us true classic style.

  6. Shannon- love yr blog!I l Iove the clothing inspirations on Thursdays. I am loving dressing now and it truly has added a huge element to my life. I search for beautiful clothes and pay a handful of dollars per item. Looking and feeling good! One does not have to be rich!

    Also a fellow francophile thank you for all the blogs, books and the cheer. Also, so many wonderful bits of eye candy!
    Question: How do you do this and teach at the same time.??????

    1. Lindy, I am so tickled to hear you are enjoying the blog! Thank you for your comment. 🙂 To answer your question, while it doesn’t leave time for much else, blogging, writing and finding inspiration for what I will share next is what I would do with my free time anyway. I truly feel fortunate to do what I love. 🙂

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