Style Inspiration: Bring on the Chill

Oct 31, 2015

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Surprise! An extra post for the last day of October!

A new exciting challenge I have on my hands with my relocation is dressing warmly often while simultaneously looking pulled together. The temperatures are already regularly below freezing each night and the highs don’t look to be topping above the mid-50s anymore. From warm coats for work and play as well as exercise, to boots, gloves, hats and scarves, new items are on my watch-list.

After taking advantage of Emerson Fry’s coat sale this weekend, the warm winter work coat search has ceased, but now I am looking for inspiration regarding how to pull it all together. Have a look below for a few ideas if you too are looking for warmth and style.

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3 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: Bring on the Chill

  1. I wish Emerson Fry was in the UK! And please more posts on looking stylish and practical in a cold winter climate. I look to the Scandis – but of course they are genetically gifted…. I seem to spend all winter in very wet Berghaus waterproofs and Hunter/ Le Chameau wellies walking my dog or at home, in pj bottoms and old cashmere. I have one or two “good outfits” for going out, but basically my style ambitions are a victim of the weather. I can’t be alone….

  2. I read your blog every Friday and enjoy it very much..I am single (divorced in 1976) and just celebrated my 70th birthday…

    Since 70 is the new 50, I would love to see you address the subject of the “new Senior”..For inspiration may I suggest the dvd, Iris, about Iris Apfel..the 90+ year old fashion guru in New York..

    Respectfully submitted,

    Leslie Prouty
    Cape Cod, MA

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