Style Inspiration: Bold Classics

Aug 08, 2013

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Always an advocate for classics, yet also stressing the importance of creating a signature style, adding a bold classic stripe top or wearing brilliant red espadrilles takes a classic and spikes the punch a bit. And on top of that, putting your stamp on how to wear a classic in a unique way is just plain fun. Here are a few ideas.

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           Images: (1) source  (2) source  (3) source  (4) source  (5) source  (6) source (7) source(8) Tory Burch(9) A House in the Hills (10) The Northern Light

5 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: Bold Classics

  1. Do you know of a pant similar to the the 3rd pic up from the bottom. I’m looking for a slim/skinny ankle trouser for my fall capsule wardrobe. Thanks in advance!

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