Style Inspiration: Blue and White

May 15, 2014

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Maybe all of the sunshine this week has been my muse, but blue and white have been catching my eye as of late. From white ankle jeans, to blue linen shirts, there is something about these colors that just begs to be worn during the warm, breezy days of spring and summer. Something so simple, yet utterly chic and seemingly effortless couldn’t be more attractive to pull on in the morning before walking out the door. Be sure to pick your favorite look as it will be shopped next week.

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And as spring is upon us, readers picked dark navy stripes, pumps and coat as their choice for this week’s outfit. A classic color that pairs well with a variety of other color palettes and prints, such a hue can run through spring and into fall. Staple items that have a way of always looking simply chic.




~Paige Straight Leg Stretch denim jeans~

~Ray Ban Original Small Aviator 55 mm sunglasses~

~Aerin ‘Fira’ navy pump~

~Topshop Double Breasted Navy Pea Coat~

~Chance Signature Boatneck top, or a frugal Breton here~


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22 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: Blue and White

  1. Good morning! This week’s options made it difficult to choose only one. There were several I was drawn to. Final answer: White jacket and the grey t shirt with the lariat necklace.

  2. Love several of them, but especially taken by number 1. Casual with a little bit of “titude”!

  3. I love the way #5 – white jacket, jeans, and the gorgeous necklace – really look so unintentional, like she just picked this and this and that and put them on. But the effect is stunning and, to me, that is the true essence of personal style. The ability to combine items without apparent angst and strategic planning and end up looking stellar. I guess the ‘intention’ comes at the point of purchasing, because it would appear this woman’s closet is set up to work like a well-oiled machine. (I must note, #7 works for me for the same reasons.)

  4. I am going with the white blazer and grey tee as well, especially since I am currently on the hunt for a lightweight blazer.
    Thank you Shannon!

  5. Live the white skirt with grey tee and denim vest, and the bag with scarf.
    Lovely blog, thank you!

  6. The picture of Cameron Diaz that is posted about. The hat she is wearing is by Melissa Odabash. Do you know the name of the shoes?

    And…………which week # was this posted on and how do I get there…….

    Thanks…………I purchased your book and I am enjoying reading it.


    1. Claudia, Unfortunately, I don’t know the brand of the shoes, but this post went live in May 2014 (the date is at the top of the post). I am so happy you are enjoying the book! Thank you very much for your interest. My apologies for not being much more help.

  7. hello my favorite pic is no 2 i just adore and love Cameron Diaz outfit now that’s my kind of style awwww i just love that blue jacket i would soooo love to know please where can i buy it i would soooo love to have 1 thanx style inspiration love ya site beautiful fashion pics

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