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Mar 01, 2012

Dressing for the work day is becoming more and more creative and unique to a woman’s signature style. While in certain careers there are very strict guidelines, in others, it really is up to the woman. Whether it was on the streets of Milan during fashion week or elsewhere on the streets of the world, the women in today’s Style Inspiration know how to pull together an outfit.


       Images: (1)   (2) (3) girlswithstyle: (4) olivemylove:   (5) styletrove:  (6) bouldaslove (7) chiaraddicted (8) fashionologie (9) fashionologie(10) fashionologie   (11) elle(12) Sart(re)orial (13)  Sart(re)orial (14) Vogue  (15) Vogue

4 thoughts on “Style Inspiration

  1. Always nice to find a blog with good fashion examples. It seems people are really getting a lot more into their own looks and styles. I’ve seen this even outside the workplace, such as social events and gatherings. People are more willing to step out of the “norm” by finding something they really like on their own.

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