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Feb 21, 2014

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~recipe for Roast Red Wine Chicken~

A weekend arrives and finding time to get lost in a book and my pile of March magazines is high atop my to-do list. I must admit, one of the main motivators behind living simply luxuriously is to find more time to read, dream, mosey about those places that pique my interest and tinker in the kitchen with recipes similar to the one I discovered above from Drizzle & Dip. How about you? Why do you wish to create a simply luxurious life? I’ve always wondered, but have realized I’ve never asked. This week I have found myself constantly reminding myself why I fill my schedule so full, and the answer honestly comes back to those details mentioned above paired with time to enjoy my life with those I love. Needless to say, I’ll keep striving with these goals in mind.

A week on the blog brought tips on money, fitness, and bright fashion as winter lingers on. This post was readers’ favorite, and I was surprised with a lovely profile piece by my students if you’d like to take a look here.

In the meantime, I’ve found a few articles and one video you might want to have a look at as you enjoy your weekend, lose track of time and do as you please to recharge your batteries before striving forward again toward the dreams I know you will soon accomplish.

~The New York Times reveals data on how married couples are happier than they’ve ever been before, but such a state is harder to attain than in previous generations.

~7 French Entertaining Tips from cook and author Jane Webster . . .

~The 10 Roads to Truth . . . as seekers of constant knowledge and guidance on how to take the proper path for the lives we desire

~Having Fun with Food . . . Pairing food with the latest NYFW trends seen on the Fall 2014 runway

~Carolina Herrera on being your own muse . . .

“I’m giving them fashion. Style is what [women] do with it.” -Carolina Herrera

Have a lovely weekend, and enjoy a Petit Plaisir that is simple and sure to bring a smile to your home – debuting tomorrow on the blog. Until then, bonjour. 

8 thoughts on “Style & Goodness

  1. Love Carolina’s take on fashion vs. style! It is really about how you “rock” it. I have seen people in the latest fashion but they were so uncomfortable that they had no style. This is also the heart of the whole aging discussion. If you can wear your grey hair and wrinkles with style, go for it. But if you cover them up, you better be ready to rock that look as well. I have seen too many timid women after they have colored/plumped/etc.

    It’s going to be a great weekend!

  2. Lovely post! The profile article was wonderful! You are making a meaningful, positive impact on your students and your readers! Thank you for all you do, Shannon.

  3. I recently saw a TV commercial and can’t recall what it was pitching, but the final lines struck me and articulated why I’m building a simply luxurious life. They went something like: “In your lifetime your heart will beat 3 billion times. Make sure you feel each one.”

    And Shannon, I’m so glad you’ve devoted so many of your heartbeats to enriching the lives of others–your students, your readers…more lives than you will ever know!

  4. Just read the link about French entertaining; I’ve heard it before, but I always find it kind of funny that it is considered rude in France to use the restroom when you are a guest is someone’s home. So much so that the washroom is not prepared in the slightest for guests. I am a Francophile through and through but just find this very odd! 😉

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