Statement Accessories

May 02, 2017

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The finishing touch to an outfit can quickly come from a simple, well-chosen accessory or outerwear item that adds the extra polish. From a chic print scarf, a statement handbag, or a classically draped trench just to name a few ideas. For me, walking out the door without a scarf, especially when there is a nip in the air just feel wrong. And I must admit, I enjoy pouring through the handful of scarves I own to pick the one that looks just right for that particular moment.

Finding these items takes time, but as you look at the accessories, outerwear and handbags you own, you know which ones will stand the test of time. The items that continue to garner compliments, the items that continue to fit your life to a perfect T, the items that took time to find will be the ones that you will be thank you had patience until you brought the item home. Today discover some inspiration below, and click on any of the image to be redirected to the original source.


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6 thoughts on “Statement Accessories

  1. The cream-colored trench is to die for. And the woman in polka dots is stunning… pure grace and naturalness. More, please!

  2. As I am graying; wishing for hair to reach that all platinum as depicted by polka-dot blouse and blue scarf worn individual; oh well, here to wishing but not really. As already stated: …pure grace and naturalness; can’t beat that. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Carefully chose accessories make the woman, are easy to pack and let us be a little edgy. Same applies for home decor…the accessories are the finishing pieces. Usable items can be planned to be the accessories. That’s gracefully natural.-Laurel Bledsoe

  4. this especially appeals to me! it’s the idea of the simplicity-one special item, chosen from a limited number of favourites (not a drawerful of “sort of favourites”)….worn frequently with different things in different ways…essence of personal style. Thanks for the lovely inspiration!

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