Why Not . . . Spruce Up Your Spring Wardrobe?

Mar 16, 2016

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When spring begins to show its warmth and the perennials dare to reveal the beauty we’ve patiently waited to see after a long winter, my attention turns to many things, but my wardrobe always gets my attention as well. How can I spruce it up? What do I need? How has my style evolved?

Forever a fan of navy and class stripes, I am always assessing my options in my capsule wardrobe for my favorite go-to items. After all, navy is a neutral and stripes are a print that is ideal for casual wear, but formal wear in the spring and summer, absolutement!

To offer a glimpse of what the annual TSLL Spring Shopping Guide will offer come Friday April 1st, delivered to all newsletter subscribers, I wanted to show you a few of the items I have begun to select to include. If you aren’t already a subscriber and would like to solely receive this bi-yearly newsletter, click here. And if you are already a subscriber to the weekly newsletter, you will be receiving yours without having to subscribe again. (Click here to view previous issues: Fall 2015)

More than anything, I find spring to be a time to clear out what hasn’t worked, no matter how fervently we’ve tried and attempt something new or different. As well, it is a time to fine-tune and polish what has been working well for quite some time. As you will see below, the navy and stripes are my perennial favorites, but there are a few other items I am considering as well that are new and will perhaps add a touch of personality.

But before taking a look at the spring shopping styles and items, here is a list of ways you can spruce up your spring wardrobe:

1. Edit your closet – toss, donate or fix

2. Too tight, too loose? Get it tailored or buy a new size if it is an item you love.

3. Dry-clean seasonal coats, dresses, silks, to ensure you look pressed and polished

4. Be honest, will you really ever wear that again and feel confident?

5. Resole any shoes at your local cobbler

6. Assess your lingerie wardrobe – click here to update your lingerie capsule

Below are a few of the trends I recommend you invest in for spring, as well as a few items you can shop directly:

Navy Shift


~Ralph Lauren, spring 2016~


~Ralph Lauren Elsa stretch navy wool dress~

~DVF Kora Tunic Dress~



~Ralph Lauren, spring 2016~


~Polo striped cotton pencil skirt~

~Polo Bengal-Striped Shirtdress~

~Ralph Lauren Capri striped cotton shirt~

~Ralph Lauren striped boatneck jersey tee~

Floral & Bohemian


~Badgley Mischka, spring 2016~


~DVF Mellany Silk Jersey wrap dress~

~DVF Maldives printed chiffon kaftan~

Accessories: Clear & Long


~Mary Katrantzou heels & Naeem Kahn earrings~


~Ibiza Lucite Runway Heel~

~Annelise Michelson  Déchainée gold-plated earrings~

~Castañer Carina canvas wedge heels~


~Why Not . . . Wear Stripes?

~Why Not . . . Master the Art of Dressing?

~Why Not . . . Have Effortless Style?

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6 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Spruce Up Your Spring Wardrobe?

  1. Spring is most definitely the time to clear out and de clutter, hence the term spring cleaning, time to throw open the windows and come out of hibernation, and that means breaking away from the easy to wear black cashmere turtleneck and jeans! If there is one new thing I buy each spring it is several new scarves, lightweight linen or cotton, and they have more than one use. When the air is cool we can wear a t shirt and by adding a scarf just keep the chill at bay, but also I find a lightweight one keeps the sun from our décolletage which is so susceptible to sun damage, a very chic way to stay safe in the sun!

  2. I love that navy shift. Looks comfortable and cool, while protecting from summer sun (I hate having to reapply sunblock constantly–I’d rather just keep my shoulders covered). Ditto for that striped shirt dress. I adore dresses in summer–they are just as cool as shorts but look far classier.

  3. Perfect timing! I just ordered a closet clean out kit from ThredUp.com. Quick and easy way to consign clothes that no longer serve me, I sent in a bag in the fall and had a great experience. Here in Los Angeles it’s pretty much spring/summer year round (I miss having real seasons!), but a closet refresh is always helpful to get out of a rut. I’ve been curating a wishlist of some high quality items on TheRealReal to purchase once I receive my payout!

  4. Yes! I just started picking up new pieces for spring/summer myself! I have a much different personal style than what you feature here, but the advice is still spot on! Target has launched their Knox Rose line and I love it! My little hippie heart is in heaven.

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