A Small Day Bag

Oct 25, 2016

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Smaller is better, at least this season when it comes to handbags. And why not? After all, a smaller handbag requires of us each to determine exactly what we need and bring no more. While I not entirely onboard with this shift yet, I appreciate immensely the premise. How many times have I searched in my tote for my lip gloss, keys or pen? The Wall Street Journal just last month contemplated this very shift in women’s accessories, and in order to make this shift, Nancy Armstrong, senior producer at MAKERS, a digital platform that promotes women’s leadership, pointed out, “It’s almost like with age comes the confidence to know that you don’t need to carry around all of those things.” I want to get to this point. I am working on it because I have a feeling it will be quite liberating. What are your thoughts on the down-sizing of the handbag?

thesimplyluxuriouslife.com The Simply Luxurious Life

thesimplyluxuriouslife.com The Simply Luxurious Life

thesimplyluxuriouslife.com The Simply Luxurious Life

thesimplyluxuriouslife.com The Simply Luxurious Life

thesimplyluxuriouslife.com The Simply Luxurious Life

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26 thoughts on “A Small Day Bag

  1. The thing that determines the size of my purse is, “Do my sunglasses fit?” I wear sunglasses everyday and do not want to forget them or scratch them because I do not have the case.

      1. Michaela, me too ! I wear Rx sunglasses that are large for migraine reasons. Then I have my regular indoor Rx glasses. Though I love the idea of a smaller bag. I have already pared down to a more “medium” type bag. I just don’t know if I could do it.

  2. I say Horray! I’ve had small hand bags , and by “bags , I mean one or two purses for years. I’m a petite person so the whole huge bag thing never worked for me. I had even become adept at carrying just a wristlet, which I love! So easy, but still I wanted a true purse, it was only a few years ago that I finally located a couple and added them to my collection.
    Sorry to run on! But large bag craze has been a topic for sometime now with me and I’m very glad to see the trend end!

  3. For years I have carried the Chanel Wallet on a chain. It is expensive; however amortized over ten years and being the only purse I bought makes it a great investment. Coco Chanel designed the most practical, secure, travel friendly purse. The strap cannot be cut and there is a secure pocket for a passport. All that, and jeans and a t shirt got from blasé to spectacular.

  4. I am a one bag woman, and after 7 years of carrying a average size bag to accomodate kid snacks and trinkets, I transitioned to a small cross-body bag last year and have never looked back! It’s still a cross-body (essential for city life wherer I walk/use public transport every day) but so much lighter!

  5. I am a huge supporter of smaller bags. As I age, my need to carry everything under the sun just in case has diminished greatly. A small crossbody is my bag of choice.

  6. Love this post! I have fallen in love with a tasseled pouch! It had an inside zip section for money and coins and slip pockets for phone and credit cards . I use this as a wallet in my bigger bag. When running on an errand I pull it out and leave the large bag locked in the car. Then use it alone for a night out and add lipstick and compact. Easy Peazy! The tassel dresses it up just enough and also makes it fun!

  7. I usually use a large structured bag for work so that I can throw a book in there and today since it’s raining a compact umbrella. On the weekend or when traveling I prefer a cross body but again if I’m going to any kind of appointment where I might be waiting and need a book then I’ll choose my large bag. Since I prefer a book to a Kindle this will probably always be my dilemma so I have a nice selection of both.

    1. Lorraine, you have expressed my precise conundrum. I always want a book with me, and when I am going to work, I need a large tote for everything. However, a smaller size is less burdensome.

  8. As an older woman, I prefer a small bag now because the bigger ones seem to get heavier on my shoulder as the day wears on, even though I’m not carrying it all day, of course. I’ve also pared down on what I carry now just because I don’t feel the need. But, as a reader, I’m always wanting a book, too. Hmmm, what’s a girl to do!

  9. I love the look and reduced weight of a small bag but simply do not find it practical for my average work day. And after all, we carry a bag for practical purposes — as well as to express our personal style. Mine must contain (at minimum) reading material, sunglasses, reading glasses, Kate Spade checkbook/wallet, cellphone, pen, lipstick and compact. That list pushes me well beyond what a small bag can accommodate. So, I love them and use them for special and isolated occasions (evenings, shopping days, days off) — but a small bag cannot carry the day for me on an ordinary workday.

  10. I am a fan of the small bag. After months of physical therapy for my shoulder, I found that carrying around a large bag only inflamed the pain. I carry just what I need and don’t miss the pain or all of the stuff!

  11. I’m not a fan of small bags unless I’m going out somewhere very dressed up where a huge bag (like I usually carry daily) just doesn’t work. It’s so hard for me to squeeze basics in a small bag! when I have to – there’s always s/thing I forget or think I forget (as I’m used to carrying so much). I truly admire women who carry small bags often – I certainly just can’t.

  12. I longingly admired a beautiful colorblocked small bag recently and thought, “How I wish I could carry something this small and elegant”. I live in a very hot climate and if I were to leave my sunglasses in the car, they’d burn me when I put them on. So, I usually carry a water bottle, tissues, keys, my huge sunglasses case and a lipstick and my phone. Too much! I will say the fur pompon keychain really helps me find my keys in the large satchel I am currently stuck with! I’d love to downsize….

  13. I love the small bag trend! What a welcome change from the large, often heavy bags we’d lugged around for the past few years.
    Though there most certainly is a time for a larger bag on our rainy, windy days when traveling any distance (to carry a compact umbrella, book, brush etc.), a small cross-body bag is now my ‘go to’ whenever leaving the house. Having a cross-body bag offers a ‘hands-free’ opportunity which is often required when little children need those hands for their care and safety.
    There are so very many beautiful options to choose from, I say, “Bravo” to this new trend!

  14. Probably not going to happen for me, and I’m fine with that.
    For starters, I’m a big-boned gal, and the wallet-on-a-string purses never look(ed) right on me. I finally figured out why – proportion, proportion!
    Plus, I’m still very much in the “mommy” stage. I need a few “extras” for my children.
    And… I like a “real” planner/calendar, not a digital one or a phone. And…
    I like the idea, and I have something in waiting for that, but… it will be a rare occasion. And again, I’m fine with that. 🙂

  15. I love big bags and I cannot lie! Shoulder problems as I’ve gotten older however have meant I have to get on board with the small bag. Hard to break a lifelong habit, but I look at it this way, its a legit excuse to do more bag shopping! My favourite brand is Fiorelli, who are good quality, affordable and do some wonderful styles. I recently bought a little black “Grace” bag from them that is rapidly becoming my Fall favourite.

  16. The struggle is real! I am/was a tote devotee until recently (I was the delighted recipient of a couple of small, vintage bags), and the switch is not seamless, but headed in the right direction. The hardest part is emptying all the surplus lipstick regularly (just checked: 4 colors plus lip balm!). I’m really enjoying not carrying around the extra stuff.

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