Style Inspiration: Don’t Put Your Skirts Away Yet

Nov 03, 2015

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We may be deep into the fall season, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep wearing skirts or even dresses for that matter. Wear them long, wear the sparkles, play with high and low style, don some warmth with a sweater dress, whatever you choose, have some fun, all the while flaunting a touch of femininity and style.

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3 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: Don’t Put Your Skirts Away Yet

  1. Do women actually put away their skirts in cooler weather? I never have. As time goes on, I find myself reaching for a skirt more and more often. It is just such a feminine look. If I need warmth, I pair it with cashmere tights, boots, and sweaters. But skirts and dresses are an integral part of my wardrobe, summer or winter.

  2. Something I would love for you to explore is hosiery. Do you or don’t you? What do you wear with dresses in the winter when black hose/tights will not work. Say you’re wearing taupe or camel? What do to? I had to re-think my outfit today because of this and wound up wearing black hose with a camel skirt and black booties rather than the leopard print booties that I would have preferred. Black was too dark with the leopard print booties and the gray was too off. HELP!!

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