Style Inspiration: Simply Chic

Aug 28, 2014

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To dress in a manner that is chic begins with understanding your comfort level with fashion paired with an understanding of style basics. After all, you can only look effortlessly chic if you’re comfortable with what you are wearing. What you will notice in each of these images is that very few pieces complete the look – a skirt, a blouse, heels and a handbag – four pieces and done. Accessories are kept to a minimum so that the woman can shine. So the next time you add something to your wardrobe or pull out something from your closet, ask yourself will I not only look, but feel chic as well? And if the answer is yes, pull it off the hanger immediately and begin to shine.

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With the excited discussion between a handful of readers last week about red ballet flats, I couldn’t help but include them in this week’s Outfit of the Week. Paired with classic essentials, these red French Sole flats are the perfect complement. As we are prepping for fall, a few wool camel coats were found, as well as a sale on J.Crew’s black satchel (a variety of sizes and colors are available). So simple, yet still full of personality. After all, isn’t that what a signature style is all about?



~MiH Ellsworth black ankle jean, high rise skinny style~

~French Sole ‘Belle 2’ red nappa flats~

~J.Crew Shelby black satchel, use ALMOSTFALL to save an additional 25% off~



~Keep it Simple

~White & Personality

~Tailored, Yet Comfortable

~Black, White & Brown


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11 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: Simply Chic

  1. I do love a red flat. I added these to my wardrobe two years ago and am shocked at how often I wear them. They add just the right amount of pop to my neutral wardrobe.

  2. I love all of these looks! This might be my favorite post all summer! Im torn between look #9 and look #10…I’ll have to go with look #10 I love gray for Fall 🙂

  3. I love #5 . It is very Jackie O. I have seen a picture of her in this same pose, wearing a similar top wearing JFK’ s watch. Hard to top her simple, luxe, chic style.

  4. #5 – I just wish I could see the rest of the outfit! You could throw these pieces on time and time again and look chic every time.

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