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Jan 10, 2014

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The polar vortex kindly avoided the west coast this week. And although I’d love to have some snow, I’ll take above freezing over negative temperatures anytime. With a weekend ahead to take my dogs to be groomed, I’m looking forward to getting back into the regular weekend routine – meeting up with a dear friend at a quaint bookstore, working on projects and finding time to read and relax.

Readers made this post and this post their favorite posts of the week, and last weekend’s inaugural Petit Plaisir post quickly caught readers’ attention. So be sure to stop by this weekend to see what’s next so you too can bring more simple pleasures into your daily routines. And for your weekend reading, I came across three articles you might want to have a look at . . .

~11 Resolutions For a Better You – Proven by Science . . . so simple, why not give them a try?

~10 Steps to Ending Your Self-Limiting Beliefs Fast . . . a simple step by step guide to nip those hindering habits

~As someone who adores her single life, I was pleasantly impressed with this article . . . The Hard Won Lessons of the Solitary Years  . . . an excerpt from this book that was just released on Tuesday.

Wishing you a lovely weekend. May you find time to enjoy in your favorite simple luxuries. Bonjour!

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3 thoughts on “Simple & Serene

  1. Love the new format for the weekend. The book yor recommended last week is not out in Uk till 16th so have it preordered! Going to try the eggs for brunch tomorrow. Have been following your blog for over a year now. Think its fantastic! Belated happy new year Shannon

  2. I LOVED the article! As a single woman who is about to turn 30 – I’ve spent all of my 20s as a single so this article really resonated with me. After a long period being single, getting into your 30s etc. it’s SO easy for others to judge and provide their opinion as to what you should DO to “fix” this “problem”…I’ve put myself out there in many different ways, and it hasn’t brought me my life partner yet. Some people really don’t realize that sometimes it just comes down to luck and timing! As a girl who really, really wants to find my partner, get married and starting having babies, it helped alot to read a positive perspective from someone who truly “gets it” – there’s nothing wrong with who we are or what we are doing – it’s our job to just relax and make the best of what’s in our life at a given moment! (easier said than done sometimes – I am not one of those women who does not admit they really want to get married when they secretly really do)

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