Simple Outdoor Chic Dining

Aug 22, 2019

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Interior designer William Eubanks’ home in Memphis, Tennessee, offers more English interior and exterior decor inspiration than one might expect in a home located in the American south, but whether you call it a cottage or a manor, this 4000 square foot home offers a lovely outdoor space for dining.

And the beauty of it is how simple the decor is. Let’s look at the details:

  • A cedar round table
  • Four cedar chairs
  • Added seat padding to encourage long, leisurely dining
  • A stunning, large monochromatic boutique of hydrangeas
  • Add a lush green garden full of sculpted boxwoods

To have a welcoming outdoor space is a simple everyday luxury. Whether to sit out by oneself with a cup of something delicious and a good book, or stepping outside to catch up with a friend who has stopped and of course to host a summer dinner party, such a space expands the home and reminds us how powerful Mother Nature’s calming and restorative gifts can be.

~Images: Veranda

One thought on “Simple Outdoor Chic Dining

  1. Wow! The lush green is such a comforting scenario and the blue flowers really pop out! Thank you for the inspiration, Shannon!

    It’s a bit similar to my own garden philosophy as I live in a climate where many plants freeze and die over winter. Eventually, I decided to go all green with moss, rocks and local plants. My only colour is the red begonias that I inherited from my grandmother.

    I will definitely bookmark this!

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