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Sep 20, 2011

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In a world that too often forgets about the importance of the personalized touch, taking the time to sit down and put your thoughts of gratitude, condolences or a simple hello on stationary is one of the simplest luxuries to give and to receive.

In each of our quests for stationary that reflects our signature style and originality, a dear friend of mine Marthe Robert has taken her artistic talent and created her own personal home card business aptly named Knooks & Krannies.

As a way to ensure original stationary for each of her customers, Marthe takes the warmest places of your home (outdoors, indoors and pets too) and creates original watercolor cards that will most certainly delight your friends and business associates.


A retired teacher who I am fortunate to call my mentor, Marthe’s venture into watercolors is just one of the many reasons she has my respect and admiration.  With passion and enthusiasm for life that is contagious and the willingness to share her wisdom, I can confidently say you will be quite pleased with her work.

Whether or not you live in the Eugene, Oregon, area, simply send the photo(s) you would like to have transformed into a watercolor(s) to: or mail them to: Knooks & Krannies, 880 Cheshire Ave., Eugene, OR  97402. If you have further questions, contact Marthe at 541-342-2581.

Just an Idea:

With the holidays around the corner or as a gift just because for a friend or family member, why not surprise your loved ones with their own signature stationary displaying their favorite reading chair in their home, their prized garden or a beloved family pet?


Full Disclosure: This post was not solicited in any way.  No payment was exchanged. I simply believe and confidently recommend Knooks & Krannies as a business that is reputable and produces quality and original stationary.

4 thoughts on “Signature Style Stationary

  1. Marthe Robert’s art work is also perfect to use in one’s business. We commissioned her to make for us note cards of various images using different vignettes in our shop. She also created a great image of the shop’s front entrance using her whimsical style that we made for our magazine and newspaper advertisement. Given the colorfulness and uniqueness it makes our ads stand out. Let her at it, she’s great!

    Beverly Leonard
    Delaney Street Mercantile
    905 W Main St.
    Lake Geneva, WI 53147
    262 248-8008

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