Signature Shoes

Feb 07, 2017

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Valentino’s Rockstud Red Slingbacks certainly offer a signature look as well as being available at a signature price. But the truth is, shoes matter. From slingbacks to pumps, boots to sneakers, the pair of shoes that are chosen to walk us out the door each morning offer a punctuation mark to our mood, as well as speak to the weather or work or play environment we are headed toward. And don’t forget the personality and signature style of the person donning them.

Similar to our signature clothing style, the shoes we shop for, the shoes we bring home, the shoes we wear and twirl before a mirror with a grin that elevates our mood if only for a moment, make a difference. Not every occasion will expect heels. Nor will every event need sneakers. Choosing what works as well as wearing what makes each of us feel confident as we stride toward the appointment, job, date or event we have scheduled, while a small significance, is still significant.

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3 thoughts on “Signature Shoes

  1. Thank you for the luxury reminder Shannon! I realize that my Chanel wallet on a chain will really only last 10 years with everyday use and tried to find a replacement and have bought two more purses and am already over the $250.00 a year my Chanel amortizes at. So…quality goods are really worth it. My little Chanel brings me such contentment because it is so practical and yet so decadent!

  2. I freely admit to having a bit of a shoe fetish. I don’t own Louboutin’s or Blahnik’s (yet), but an important lesson I learned years ago when I finally started to splurge on more expensive shoes (especially heels) is that it does pay to spend $ on quality shoes. Not only do they last longer, but they are FAR more comfortable than some of the cheaper alternatives. I’ll still look for a great sale, and there are some shoe lines that are both affordable and comfortable, but shoes are definitely one area where you sometimes get what you pay for. And given how much time we spend on our feet, don’t they deserve quality? 🙂

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