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Oct 24, 2017

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In 2013 and then in TSLL’s first book, I shared a detailed list of the 10 essential shoes every woman should have. On that list was the bootie. Whether with a heel or not, a peep toe or not, hitting at the ankle or just above, the bootie is an essential shoe for the shoulder seasons, fall and spring.

However knowing this is one thing, being able to find the booties that work best with our individual wardrobe is something that takes more time. Case in point. While I have high heeled booties for winter, I have been looking off and on for the classic, versatile bootie for day that would carry me from work and to play.

And so it was just this past week that I found more than a few that caught my eye and ended up selecting two. Having worn both of them at least two times in the past five days, I am ecstatic with choice, as are my toes and ankles. Seen below are the two new additions to my shoe wardrobe: the Bandolino Fauna’s steel satin suede bootie (as well as other colors and fabrics in the same design) and Eileen Fisher’s bootie in Sienna Suede. I have worn them with jeans and sweaters and silk blouses, as well as with blazers, scarves and varying pant styles and lengths. Needless to say, I am asking myself why did it take me so long?

Seen below are more than a handful of booties that were also considered, some of which I would have loved to have purchased, but it wasn’t in the budget this year, and others that were lovely, but just not my style as the others chosen. Either way, Zappos made it easy to shop, ship and return (free both ways and arrived at my front porch in fewer than two days).

Now for some inspiration as to how and with what to wear your booties.

8 thoughts on “Shop & Talk Booties

  1. Suede is a brave choice in Oregon’s wet climate! I live in Portland and would love to hear your tips in caring for suede in wet weather (besides not wearing it, of course).

  2. I’m not a boot person, at my age they seem too youthful and trendy plus I’m not a heels person any longer. But I do love booties!! Thanks for a great reminder.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Beth. Our style certainly does evolve ever so slightly as we navigate through life, and it is the knowing ourselves that makes the decisions easier. Thank you for your comment. 🙂

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