Season-less Scarves

Aug 22, 2017

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Scarves. Neck scarves, rectangular silk or modal scarves, wool or cashmere scarves. To choose to wear a scarf is a statement of confidence when worn well. What does worn well mean? Owning your signature style. There are a myriad of ways to tie and wear a scarf as Hermès shares in their free app, Silk Knots, which means there is no wrong way to wear it if you tie it with intention.

So much of style and what we pull together each day depends on our ability to own what we wear. Speaking from experience, I experimented a lot with my style, at least it felt that way to me because many times my confidence waned when I wore something which didn’t actually fit who I was.  However, it is in the trying, the experimenting, that we learn.

As summer begins to shift slowly into fall, the scarves will begin to come out of the closet. I for one am quite looking forward to it. Now that is not to say, scarves cannot be worn in summer. Absolutely not. A beautiful wrap or scarf is ideal in summer as the layer needed in the evening over you shoulders left bare by your sundress. However, whenever, you wear a scarf, have fun, make a statement and reveal a bit of something about yourself.





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12 thoughts on “Season-less Scarves

  1. A scarf is such an easy way to take a plain outfit and make it look “finished”. Somehow it conveys this more than necklaces, even. A necklace, you can just unthinkingly put on; a scarf takes deliberation. It makes such a difference.

    Thanks for reminding me of this. It is too easy to forget all about scarves in the summer.

  2. Thank you, Shannon! Another way that I love to wear my scarves in the summertime is as a belt. Brightly colored scarves with white shorts/pants and a solid top is a wonderful summer look. I never mind investing in my scarves because, as you said, they can truly be enjoyed all year and create so much versatility in my wardrobe.

    1. Karen, I also love to wear men’s neckties as belts. My husband seldom wears them anymore, and has a nice collection of retro skinny ties — which I have added to, when I can find them. (Wide ties just do not work as well somehow.) I always get so many compliments when I do this.

  3. I totally agree! Scarves are an amazing accessory, but you have to feel you are wearing them in a way that suits you! That said, how fun they are! And so much bang for the buck when you get it right!
    I went a little nuts last year purchasing great vintage ones from eBay. ?

  4. I live in Spain so still having a daily 35 degrees, I am so looking forward to the change of season which for us will be about October till we get out the scarves.
    In Spain most women in the city in the winter will wear a scarf and even my English friends have comments on this.
    I would love one day to own a piece of art that is the Hermes Scarf not sure if I would have the courage to wear it just far too beautiful and precious. Such a great post

  5. Hello
    With the understanding that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I have seen many outfits in church on a Sunday morning where to my untrained eye, the scarves seem to fight with the outfit as a whole, drawing attention to the scarf instead of the overall picture, but I particularly like the navy blue with the large checks in photo three. That to me, is perfection.
    Lizer Pearl

  6. I never knew about the app! Thanks for the share, but now I feel silly for having bought one of their card decks back in January. The app is so much easier to follow, haha.

    Guess I’ll keep it in my bug-out bag for when civilization is lost and the internet is forever gone, LOL.

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