Bundles of Winter Scarves

Nov 14, 2017

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Grabbing a scarf is now the norm each morning as I head to work. Wrapped in a long, wool coat, the scarf immediately is the final decision to not only complete the look, but more importantly to reduce the reminder of how chilly it is outside.

However, I am not complaining. As it is only when the temperatures drop that I am able to wear these warm wool and cashmere scarves.  And much like a cozy warm bed to snuggle into at night, the scarf provides a similar comfort against the skin (albeit, a far cry from slipping into bed and drifting off to dream, but still quite luxurious).

Having the essential hues in your closet in your scarf collection is worth gradually investing in especially if you live in a climate in which warmth is a must during the winter. It has taken me some time, but currently I have a taupe, a leopard, a French blue, cool pink and a black wool/cashmere scarf that ensures one will always work with whichever coat I have pulled out of the closet to wear. Below I have done some shopping for you, and I have to say the camel wool scarf from Rag & Bone is the last color I have been patiently shopping for. Just maybe, I might have to invest one more time.


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6 thoughts on “Bundles of Winter Scarves

  1. I have a couple pashminas that I find versatile almost year-round. In the winter, I wear them as a muffler with my coats. But even in the summer, I sometimes bring them along when going out to dinner. Restaurants sometimes set the air conditioning to an absurd degree, and at those times, I wear the pashmina as a shawl.

    I feel that somehow, one looks unfinished in a coat without a scarf and gloves.

      1. I agree about taking a pashmina to a restaurant when you dine. It is an old trick of many restaurants that when the staff want to clear the restaurant for the ‘next sitting’ or to close, the air conditioning is turned up.

  2. I have two cashmere shawls from Hermès. That’s all I need. ? And in Seattle, I wear them nine months out of the year.

  3. Lovely photographs and even more lovely scarves. Is it me or does anybody else find it odd when people (like a some in these photos) wrap up warm with scarves, hats, gloves, heavy coats etc and then wear sandals or mules on their feet – no socks or boots to keep their feet warm??

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