Scarves Today and Every Day! My criteria for Scarf Shopping

Oct 15, 2018

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I love scarves. Whether it is fall, winter, spring or even summer, scarves can be worn, worn with aplomb and worn without breaking the budget for both men and women. I remember vividly the many men I observed wearing linen scarves in the heat of July in France, and I must say, I do miss seeing such style choices here in the states. 

Having picked up a navy cotton striped scarf at a market this summer in Provence for 10 Euros, I was reminded that having both quality cashmere scarves for winter and chillier days while certainly worth the investment when the budget allows, was a reminder to welcome inexpensive, beautiful scarves equally if not more often into our wardrobe. All the more reason to peruse in unexpected places to find the treasure that waits to be found.

One place to hunt for bargains of quality, designer scarves is TheRealReal. Hermès scarves are available at severely reduced prices and provide the opportunity to welcome luxury into our wardrobes without breaking the bank. 

What I have discovered over the years of scarf shopping, and assessing which scarves I continue to wear over the years, why I wear them and those I do not is that they meet the following criteria:

  • the fabric feels lovely against my skin
  • natural fibers (silk, cashmere, cotton, wool, linen)
  • colors that complement my skin tone
  • prints or solids that are timeless (and adhere to the point above as well). No trendy images or designer names that are glaringly apparent.
  • pairs well with at least one item in my closet that would be worn with a scarf, and often more
  • the proper length for my preferred scarf accessorizing style

As we near the heart of fall, and leisurely walks outside are still delightful and lovely with only a light jacket, why not toss a scarf around your neck, tuck it inside your jacket or let it fall loosely in front – whatever your preference may be – and be reminded of that immediate style elevation of your entire ensemble no matter how casual or proper you are dressed.

Below are a handful of images of styling ideas for scarves (for both men and women). Be sure to click through on any of the images to be redirected to the original source. 

11 thoughts on “Scarves Today and Every Day! My criteria for Scarf Shopping

  1. my mother loved scarves and I have a few of her best Hermes. I wear them with pride! Feel very chic every time.

  2. I love scarves. However I live in South Florida and often find it too warm to wear the large ones. I do love a beautiful scarf in my hair. Love the pop of color. Thanks for the post!

  3. I have a couple of Hermès scarves bought everywhere from the fabulous Hermès shop in Paris to the market at Chatou (with Sharon!) I feel elegant and special every time I wear them; it makes the day better. I also like buying and selling with RealReal. I find their standards are high so whatever you buy will be in good condition.

  4. I’ve never really thought about scarves but now that I see a picture of Carly in her scarf and you have written about scarves (my two favorites: Carly the Prepster and You in one blog entry!), I am going to give it some serious thought.

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