Scarf Season Begins (or at least the shopping does ;))

Oct 15, 2019

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With the temperatures dropping into the high teens and low twenties last week, Mother Nature offered a gentle reminder to pull out the cozy wool and cashmere scarves.

Almost as a way to give a heads up, as the temperatures have crept back up for another week or two, I am excited to begin wearing my winter accessories.

From purchasing large stoles that serve as a small blanket while traveling but also offer luxurious warmth wrapped around the neck and shoulders to a classic oblong scarf with fringes in just the right hue to complement the skin tone and work well with a favorite winter coat, having a handful of beautiful favorites that work with your winter capsule outerwear is a smart investment as they will serve you well for many years.

In today’s Style Inspiration discover outfit ideas as well as a handful of scarves currently available and some on sale I think you will love.

Heidi Wynne Dark Carmel Isabelle (all fall styles 25% off with promo code CHIC25)


3 thoughts on “Scarf Season Begins (or at least the shopping does ;))

  1. I love that scarf season has arrived in the sounteastern US also. I have a collection acquired over the past 40 years (treasured gifts and my own acquisitions) and one thing i’ve Learned is some of my favorite scarves and wraps have been found in unusual places. I use purchased a wonderful lightwright scarf of a black and white pattern over a double off white ground with a fringe of russet tassles at Whole Foods of all places It’s been the perfect pic me up to a wardrobe of black and white and Denim too.

  2. Hi Shannon, I am also a scarf aficionado and love many of the ones you picture here. I also pick them up on my travels as they bring back good memories whenever I wear them.
    I also love another accessory in one of your pics — the first pic of the two women walking, the dark brown handbag on the arm of the one on the right. Any idea of the details of that bag? Thanks!

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