Scarf Inspiration for Style & Warmth

Nov 26, 2019

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Scarves are fun. It is as simple as that (admittedly, with so many other sartorial details, but how simple are scarves?!).

Perhaps that is why I love fashion and clothes and communicating with the sartorial choices I have the opportunity to play with as much as I do. It is sincerely fun to express oneself with the clothing we choose to wear. And when it comes to wearing what is necessary paired with what we love, when it involves something as simple as throwing on a scarf, crafting our signature style could not be any easier.

Yesterday I arrived in Wallowa County for a long holiday week with my parents, and the snow welcomed me and the boys with about six inches (the below images was yesterday afternoon, and through the evening, more snow dressed the valley even further – it was Mother Nature at her best). Upon waking up, the temperatures were in the low 20s (Fahrenheit), but there was not a stitch of wind. The winter boots were donned to head down to my home-away-from-home office at Arrowhead Chocolates and a scarf, hat and gloves were a must.

Having become accustomed to Wallowa County’s fierce, yet beautiful winters as a young girl, I recognized that staying warm was a necessity, but I have always wanted to do so with a touch of style. Figuring out exactly what my style was and where to find (and afford) what I was looking for took time, but gradually, I found pieces I love and have been with me for years.

Whether I pick them up on my travels, many of which have been found in France, or receive them as gifts, or find them at consignment shops, quality winter scarves and accessories that speak to our personal style predictions can be found. We just need to practice some patience and not be afraid to invest when what we love becomes available, especially when it becomes available at a reduced price.

Today I have compiled a few visuals for style inspiration as well as places to shop for scarves this season. Currently Heidi Wynne, who is a friend of TSLL (check out this post to discover her ideas for styling scarves and much more), is having a 30% off sale on her 100% cashmere scarves (I have included a few below). Also, many other sites – J.Crew, ASOS, The Loft, La Ligne NYC, Net-a-Porter and many others – are having sales not to be missed. So if you find one you love, most certainly put it on your list-to-buy-soon, if not now.

Here’s to staying warm, but stylish as well. 🙂


~TSLL’s Weekly Style Inspiration gravitates to posts spotlight scarves in the winter months. If you are looking for more inspiration, be sure to check out the Archived posts below.

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