Style Inspiration: Sagacious Taste

Jul 19, 2016

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Effortless style does not come without effort. However, the effort comes heavily in the front-end of the decision to hone one’s style. Over time and with conscious diligence, paying attention to works, what flatters and what feels most comfortable, the effortless begins to ring true. As you can see from the images gathered for today’s Style Inspiration, the idea is simple, and the result is stunning.  (Remember to click on the image to be taken to the original source.)






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5 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: Sagacious Taste

    1. Me too Taste of France! And a timely reminder not to go wild and try something too different just because it’s hugely discounted at the end of the sales. Better to save our money and invest in the quality classics we love.

  1. Dear Shannon –
    Thank you for sharing pictures of some beautiful women that are growing older in a stylish and lovely way! A nice break from the super models so often seen. Much more inspiring!

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