Rules of Style – Hedvig Opshaug

Jun 13, 2012

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Most likely, you’ve seen Hedvig Opshaug whenever street style is mentioned online or in the pages of the New York Times and top fashion websites – Vogue, Elle, L’Officiel, Net-a-Porter, etc. Originally from Norway, this once model, turned banker, turned fashion blogger, stylist and photographer is making a name for herself in the fashion world. Currently living in London, you can follow her sartorial choices on her blog Northern Light where she shares itemized details of each of outfits, shopping finds, adventures while traveling and continual inspiration for dressing well.

As you peruse through the many images below, what you will discover is how Hedvig is able to expertly mix and match items in her wardrobe to create entirely different outfits each time with many of the same items. You will frequently see the same coats and knits worn, as well as her favorite J.Brand skinny jeans, and always her Ray Ban black sunglasses. However, it is her confidence, her expert eye and her ability to balance the different textures and proportions of each item that help her pull it off each time. Have a look.

All images via Northern Light

10 thoughts on “Rules of Style – Hedvig Opshaug

  1. I know, I know…. people have sent me emails from time to time, thinking I was her, CLEARLY, I am NOT, but we both have a blog called Northern Light 🙂 ALSO, I am not a fashion blogger, and my style is far from this chic! Further more both of us are from Scandinavia… 🙂 small world!

  2. Speechless and impressed on many levels. First, her style is fabulous. Second, it is something I could actually wear and exude a modern elegance. Third, although she is still really thin, it is a healthy thin. Finally, I enjoyed seeing her resourcefulness as she uses the same pieces to build different styles. Thank you, I will go visit her blog!

  3. I do wish the fashion for super short skirts and shorts would move on. She looks so elegant in longer pants and hem length over her knees. I have yet to see a truely lovely set of knees and it shouts ‘hooker’ to me. Mostly though she looks gorgeous and I love her casual elegance and great use of colour.

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