A Room to Love: A Quiet Library & Reading Room

Aug 22, 2018

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“Your library is your paradise.” ― Erasmus

With shelves lined with books full of ideas, stories and findings at one time poured over and now kept as a reminder, a resource, a memory of our journey, and other books waiting patiently to be considered and appreciated, stepping into one’s own library would indeed be a paradise. 

Lonely I would never feel in a library of my own, and this small reading room shared in Country & Town House (UK) beautifully blends both books and Mother Nature all the while being inside the home with a beckoning sofa to linger upon, enough seating for a nice conversation if desired, and art work to gaze upon when lost in thought.

The streaming of natural light is an added luxury as while I love libraries in general, the light brings the air, the fresh scent of the present, so that no matter when a book was written or read, it feels current, relevant, necessary to explore, if even just the aesthetics which also tell a tale.

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2 thoughts on “A Room to Love: A Quiet Library & Reading Room

  1. How lovely! We built on an addition to our home several years ago, a large, window-filled room that functions as a library, office, and bar. We love it so! It makes my toes curl in pleasure when I see my favorite books displayed, (somewhat) neatly organized by genre. Walking into that room never fails to soothe me.

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