A Retro Style Turned Contemporary

Oct 31, 2017

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I was watching a recent episode of Madam Secretary and admiring Elizabeth McCord’s many classic white or black pussy bow silk blouses. Always stunning, always paired with a variety of different options, always flattering and professional. But Elizabeth never wears it in its traditional style: tied in a loose bow at the neck. Nope, and neither would I, but nonetheless, this blouse is quite prevalent because of the variety of contemporary ways to wear it so as not to appear dated

What I enjoy most about the pussy bow blouse, besides the fact that most of them are silk (one of my favorite go-to’s), is that you can loosing tie the bow so it accentuates a v-neckline, tie around your neck (not into a bow) nearly as a piece of neckware or not tie it at all. Whatever the mood or the occasion, one blouse, three options (technically four if you include the traditional approach). Today I’ve gathered inspiration for how to wear yours should you have one or want one, and below I’ve shopped for a few different colors and price points you may be interested in.



One thought on “A Retro Style Turned Contemporary

  1. Gorgeous so alluring! I am definitely adding one more to my wardrobe. Sophia Loren comes to mind. She wore it beautifully?

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