President Claire Underwood’s Style: 5 Takeaways

Nov 05, 2018

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Season 6 has begun. I most likely need not say more, but yes, I am talking about House of Cards. The final season, that nearly wasn’t, was released this past Friday with Claire Underwood at the helm of the country. 

I have only made it through the first episode of the final season, but already it is quite clear Claire’s wardrobe has changed, albeit ever so slightly, but indeed, it has changed.

After reading Vanessa Friedman’s article in The New York TimesThe First Female President Will Not Carry a Handbag“, viewers learn that Kemal Harris (responsible for Robin Wright’s wardrobe under the show’s head costume designer Jessica Wenger) has paid careful and intentional attention to the details. All the way down to the cuff links given to the show from the White House’s gift shop director Anthony Gianninia who received a pair from a former secret service agent who protected President Ronald Reagan and were prototypes. Which gives Claire all the more reason to wear French cuffs. 

The wardrobe of Claire has always captured my attention, not unlike many other viewers’, but this year, she is President. And the wardrobe takes a backseat. While she does wear primarily Chloé, Celine and Equipment, perhaps there is a lesson in this necessity of keeping our wardrobes dependable, yet stylish (adhering to our signature style), so that we can focus on the jobs, dreams and journey of living well.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. As I mentioned, I have not finished the season yet (please, no spoilers! 🙂 ), but there are some worthwhile style lessons to take away from season 6’s wardrobe choices thus far.

1.Wear a French cuff (and cuff links)

As mentioned above, we will see more French cuffs with exquisitely tailored suits and blouses which enables a cuff link to make sense. So much personal style in such a delicate, petite item of accessories. 

2. Choose neutral hues

From navy, to black, to gray, Claire Underwood lets the color remain muted and her actions, words and stature do the rest. 

3. Tailor, tailor, tailor

Each outfit worn by Robin Wright during the season was specifically tailored for her physique, and it is quite evident. The gift of tailoring is that we can buy clothing that is slightly too loose in some areas, but just right in others, take the item to the tailor and enable it to fit exactly as we prefer. Custom clothing!

4. Pantsuits without the jacket – monochromatic

At the end of the first episode, Claire is wearing a navy button-up silk Equipment blouse and navy trousers: monochromatic, complementing her skin tone and allowing the woman to be the focal point, not the clothing.

5. Keep it simple, but invest

Yet again, the capsule wardrobe is validated as being a worthwhile approach. Choose fewer, but better items of clothing. Such an approach keeps it simple for mixing and matching, but also saves money in the long run. Learn more about Cost per Wear.

With only six episodes in the final season, I am savoring each slowly. And the subtle, yet studied style quotient certainly is icing on the cake. Below I have compiled a few items from each of the three labels oft seen being worn by the new President of the United States in the show. As you will see, cuff links can be classic or more signature in taste. I have an inkling more cuff links may be in the works for the female accessory collections in the near future – and certainly something you can find at consignment shops. As well, while some of the items below are quite steep in price, don’t be afraid to save them via Shoptagr and wait. Who knows, with the seasonal sales just around the corner, these items may drop drastically in price.


Images: (1) NY Times (2) 

10 thoughts on “President Claire Underwood’s Style: 5 Takeaways

  1. Good morning Shannon So pleased that cuff links are coming back. I wore shirts with links to work (even though no one else did) and always felt more polished and feminine. My tailor added a second buttonhole to shirt cuffs to make wearing links possible. Best wishes Sue

  2. I have loved Claire’s style throughout the series. I find many dresses I refer to as Clair Underwood dresses on the website

    The dresses are not cheap, but certainly worth their quality. I am just a customer, certainly not trying to pawn anything off! =)

  3. I love Claire’s style, but honestly, I just can’t watch the show. It was so great in the early seasons, but its become so dull – I didn’t make it through the first episode this season. It so sad.

  4. I agree her character is so beautifully dressed. I also admired her characters clothing in the movie, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, (2009). Fabulous movie if you’ve all never seen it. Keanu Reeves is is this also…Winona Ryder and Alan Arkin.

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