6 Pre-Fall Styles & 19 Soon-to-be Released Books Worth Checking Out Now

Aug 05, 2020

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Typically at this point in the summer, I am gearing up for sprucing up my fall wardrobe. Having recently heard that we would be teaching remotely to start the school year here in Oregon, I am a little less enthused than I have ever been for diving into fall fashion. However, I miss dressing up. Does anyone else?

Hopefully you are able to go about your business and daily routine as much as you used to, but here in Oregon, I am staying home far more than I ever have due to the pandemic and restrictions placed on our state. Needless to say, when I go out for just about any errand, I am dressed up and reveling in the opportunity to do so.

With that said, pre-fall collections are being released, and I am certainly going to pour over what I have in my closet now and pinpoint any gaps in my capsule wardrobe. While I will not be purchasing as much as I typically have in the past, I look forward to investing in a couple of pieces that are high quality and timeless.

The one thing I will be investing in this fall and have been throughout the spring and summer this year are books. I cannot have enough books around me as I am finding much enjoyment and comfort in them. I have good news in this department: There are so many wonderful new titles being released this fall, and I have gathered 19 for you to peruse at the end of this post.

So what are some of the trends worth investing in this fall? I have compiled six trends I am seeing in pre-fall collections so far that are worth keeping an eye on. Rest assured on September 1st, TSLL will release its annual Fall Shopping Guide detailing all of the trends worth welcoming into your closet, but until then, I have shopped a few items below. All of them are investment items, but if your capsule wardrobe revolves around any of these styles, save up, and who knows, with the way spring and summer went, you may be able to make a steal of a deal later in the fall season. (Save what you love on Shoptagr).

~Note: for some of the items below, be sure to slide through as more than one image is shared. Number 2 for example.

1. High-rise continues to remain en vogue for denim

~Helmut Lang light denim Masc Hi high-rise straight-leg jeans~
~Etro High-Righ Flared Jeans~

2. Mule and Slingbacks

~Wandler Elza color-block leather slingback sandals (more colors)~

3. Stripes will forever be a good choice

~Sleeper Ruled Robe Dress~
~Jonathan Simkhai Raelynn Pleated Midi Skirt (see more of his clothing for nylon/cotton skirts)~

4. Classic, camel, cashmere sweaters with a little (not excessively so) room to get cozy

~Isabel Marant Wool-Cashmere Crewneck Sweater~
~Isabel Marant Alpaca + Wool Blend Chunky Funnel Neck Sweater~

5. Soft, medium-size clutches

~Mansur Gavriel Soft Ruffled Clutch (more colors)~

6. Peasant/Bohemian Print Dresses

~Ulla Johnson Celestia Dress, midnight~

Forever in Style: And there will always be books.

October 13th release


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14 thoughts on “6 Pre-Fall Styles & 19 Soon-to-be Released Books Worth Checking Out Now

  1. I’ve been working on creating a capsule wardrobe over quarantine. It’s been an enjoyable distraction putting the bulk of my clothes away and thoughtfully choosing those pieces that flatter and that I enjoy the most to remain. I’ve been listening to past style podcasts of TSLL for inspiration. I too, am eager to fill in the missing pieces of my fall capsule wardrobe and look forward to sweater weather! Thank you for your passion and guidance in all things style!
    PS—BC schools go back full time for elementary in the fall. As a substitute teacher, part of me wants to race back, another part of me hesitates.

    1. Pam, Sounds like you are putting this time at home to good use. When a more normal schedule resumes, having the capsule wardrobe in place will deepen your enjoyment of dressing up for each day. I can understand your hesitancy and excitement. I think many educators are in the same boat – we love what we do, we miss the kids and our colleagues, but we also are well aware of the unknowns. Strange times, and thankfully, they will pass. We just don’t know when, and that is what is primarily so disconcerting. Thank you for sharing what you are doing with your capsule. There are some beautiful ideas for this fall. I look forward to sharing more on September 1st.

  2. Do you have any recommendations on Bend clothing boutiques? I’d like to start shopping local for clothes if possible. Though…I do love a good online shopping session!

  3. Big Macs and Burgundy looks great!
    My school is going remote, probably for the whole fall semester. My back-to-school shopping consisted of more pairs of yoga pants because Zoom is only from the waist up!

    1. It really does change our buying habits for the time being. 🙂 Wishing you a successful start to the fall in this unique fashion. What a career hiccup we could not have expected when we began teaching. Wow! 🙂

  4. Ina & Jacques & ‘Murder’, oh my, such good stuff, thanks for the book list! And the sneak peek of fall fashions, The TSLL Fall Shopping Guide is always much anticipated ☺

  5. I miss my floral blouses, floaty skirts, & summer dresses!! Still working from home, which I love, but I only dress up a little now for the few errands I do. If I buy anything for fall this year, it will likely be some extra pairs of nice jeans (I am not much for yoga pants).

    Thank you for the new book announcements!! Two books you might want to add are from Monty Don, the American Gardens coffee table book, and one on the natural world. 🙂 Also, Victoria magazine has a lovely coffee table book coming on France. I’ll see if I can post links.

    1. Debby, Thank you for the reminder of these new books! I will be adding them to my list. I completely understand about yoga pants – I go back and forth 🙂 Thank you for your comment and stopping by.

  6. Hello Shannon…throughly enjoying French Week. So much beauty and inspiration. Thank you…these posts add much value to my day.
    The books…oh Shannon…THE BOOKS! I’ve been ordering many books (even more so, if possible) during these strange times. I find being surrounded by books such comfort…just looking at them soothes me. However, I’m having a difficult time sticking with fiction. I’m drawn to cookbooks, coffee table books, comfortable and familiar fiction books (thank you for introducing me to M.L. Longworth’s wonderful series…never a real fan of mysteries, I find Verlaque and Marine’s adventures irresistible, and have developed the cozy ritual of reading here series during my alfresco lunches each day). I have chosen books for my long-running book club for many years, and due to the pandemic, we’ve not met in months…those lovingly chosen books remain reproachfully unread in a pile…I can’t seem to find the motivation to get lost in other character’s drama!
    Love Robert Arbor….I have his book on display and pick it up frequently. Can’t wait for Ina’s newest…Jacque Pepin’s and Mimi Thorrison’s…and now, thanks to your fabulous list..others will be in the queue.
    A rambling reply…sorry for the length! Enjoy the weekend!

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