Polka Dots, Indeed a Classic Choice

May 26, 2020

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Polka dots often provoke a smile, an uplift in mood, and yes, they are a classic choice. Especially when offered in neutral hues such as navy, black, white, ivory or tan, the regular return to polka dots on the runways is an inevitable, and so it was this year.

From dresses for summer, dark, long sleeve blouses for work or sleeveless blouses to pair with summer linen pants or flowing skirts, polka dots are worth scooping up when you find a style and a color that you cannot take your eyes off.

Below are a handful of images for style inspiration as well as many items that are shoppable now (for example, the ruffled neck blouse just below). Wishing you a summer full of light-moods and playful, timeless attire.

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6 thoughts on “Polka Dots, Indeed a Classic Choice

  1. Love polka dots! It made me realize that I don’t own any clothing items with them! Add that to my list!

  2. Ooh, I love most all of these! Favorite is the white bell sleeve dress in the first pic. <3

  3. Since I sew I have a passion for fabrics and have a vast array of favorites, but quite honestly, I have never met a dot I didn’t like!

  4. Polka dots, for me, are just as essential as nautical stripes. My mother sewed a lot of our family’s clothing when I was young. I was probably about three when she created a gorgeous dotted swiss mint green Easter dress for me. I felt like a princess. I was so entranced and I remember asking(several questions, I was an annoying child) about the fabric. I was hooked. A lovely navy with large white dots drapey dress hangs in my closet right now. And a my “work” coffee mug is navy dots on white. They are so cheerful, in any iteration!

  5. I love polka dots and have quite a few, even a polka dot tea cup and an umbrella. You picked many pretty pieces; I like many of them… and can’t pick just one.

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