The New French Handbag To Know (saving up as we speak!): Polène

Sep 24, 2019

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Quality materials, timeless style and free of logos so as to let the individual’s signature and personality shine. Enter the latest French handbag company quickly becoming the choice of French women and beyond: Polène.

A French family founded business run by three siblings with the goal of remaining independent by eliminating the middlemen as a way to keep the prices fair, Polène offers luxury design at a mid-bag price. Okay, now they have my full attention.

Immediately I was interested as the day handbag, their signature — Numero Un — is an ideal size being smaller than a tote, but larger than a shoulder bag. I can visualize errand running, day trips to and fro for appointments, lunches, drinks and even travel if I have a carry-on.

Available for under $420, the materials are sourced from Europe with the leather from Spanish, French and Italian tanneries, twilled cotton for the interior from Germany and each bag handmade in Ubrique, Spain, involves craftsmanship demonstrating their attention to detail (see this video). All designs are created in France, and there are many more than the Numero Un. From the mini to the Numero Deux and Sept which both offer a more square structure, to a wristlet, the color options for all designs are seemingly endless.

I could go on and on, but if you are in the market for a quality handbag that will last for years, be sure to check out Polène. If you are wondering about the inside of the bag, this video shares a very clear look inside (one zipper pocket, two slide pockets and an exterior back pocket). The straps are adjustable as well, and the lining matches the color of the leather you have chosen.

Currently, I am in the market for a mid-size day bag that is the perfect size between my day tote and clutch. So I am saving up! Although, I might need all of the time during which I am saving to decide which color to choose – there are so many! 🙂 What a lovely dilemma.

~If you happen to be in Paris, be sure to stop into their shop in the 4th arrondisement – 48 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie.

9 thoughts on “The New French Handbag To Know (saving up as we speak!): Polène

  1. I just ordered their Numero Un in the burgundy with croc flap and am in love! It’s the perfect size, comfortable and the quality is phenomenal! I’m not much of an online shopper, but took a leap on this one and am so happy I did! Je l’adore! Have fun picking out your color!

  2. I have purchased two of the Numero Un bags, and I love them! I don’t particularly care for having the same bag or brand EVERYONE else is carrying so I tend to look at other options. Since there have been so many price increases in the luxury handbag market recently, I feel Polene is offering an amazing “luxury” product in a very affordable price range. If you ever get a chance to visit the store in Paris, it is definitely a treat. Enjoy selecting your color. They are all fabulous!

  3. Curious as to what you use for your day tote and clutch? I am in the market for those two items right now and you have such great taste!

  4. Currently on vacation in the Dordogne near Bergerac and just received delivery of my coup de cœur bag from Polène. Thank you Shannon for your very timely article! Although still pricey to buy here (I’m Canadian and our dollar is not great compared to the Euro), at least I can take it home Duty Free which saves me quite a bit. I got the navy bag with the Croc embossed flap and it is gorgeous and unique. Totally French chic. Beautiful leather and hardware, understated and elegant. Very roomy with an unusual and great shape, but not too heavy. Even my iPad Air 2 will fit inside. Je l’aime.

  5. Hi Shannon – thank you so much for introducing me to this wonderful brand. After much deliberation I shouted myself the Le Cabas tote in Cognac for my 50th. It arrived a few weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier. The quality is just superb and I’m sure I’ll be using this bag for many years to come.

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