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The premiere podcast of The Simple Sophisticate is now available for listening via iTunes! I am so excited to begin this new venture and look forward to each Monday sharing with readers and listeners ways to continue to cultivate their own simply luxurious life. Topics will dive deeper into how to live your best life, how to focus on living a life of quality, and getting rid of the excess and unnecessary. From fashion, food, travel and decor, no topic will be off limits. Periodically, I will interview authors, entrepreneurs and experts in fields of interest to investigate share perspectives beyond what are shared on the blog, as well as answer readers’ questions sent to me via “Ask Shannon” (feel free to email me!). Now, enjoy discovering the 8 pillars of building a simply luxurious life that is tailored to your unique personality, passions and preferred way of living.


Show Notes

Overview – 8 Pillars of Building a Simply Luxurious Life
  1. A Healthy Self-Respect/Self-Worth
  2. Sound Financial Foundation
  3. Healthy Relationships
  4. Good Health
  5. A Sanctuary to Call Home
  6. Established Everyday Rituals
  7. A Signature Style
  8. An Insatiable Quest for Learning


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~If/Then tickets – starring Idina Menzel ~Tune in Next Monday for another episode of The Simple Sophisticate. Thank you for listening.


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