Playing with Denim

Jan 03, 2017

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Denim. Denim skirts, jeans, and tops. A classic material that continues to be played with by designers, and even more so in recent seasons. A reader  emailed me last month with a question about how to wear denim skirts that hit below the knee during the shoulder seasons, and it was fun to explore the possibilities.

From pairing with a fine-knit sweater and a camel coat, to wearing knee-high boots channeling the 70s, to donning stacked ankle wrapped sandals when a pedicure is begging to be revealed, there are a variety of different options. But maybe you don’t want to wear a denim skirt or just don’t have one in your closet at the moment? Mix up your denim jeans with different ideas for the top-half: a cashmere-blend stripe top tucked in and belted or a classic white blouse with a modernized bomber jacket perhaps? All of the inspiration is below. Enjoy perusing!


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7 thoughts on “Playing with Denim

  1. I have two denim pencil skirts (though shorter than the ones in photos here) that are still hanging in my closet. Seems like it might be time to put them back into rotation again. So fun (in warmer months) with a simple tank and heels. And cozy sweater and boots now. 🙂

  2. Thank heavens for thrift stores! My denim pencil skirts were “decluttered” years ago but I am sure I could hunt one down in a thrift, consignment, or vintage store w/out having to shell out megabucks for the retro look.

  3. Thank you for the tips on wearing denim skirts, I always wondered how to wear my denim skirts. It will be great to see distressed denim skirts in this year.

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