Parisian Tastemakers & Decor Inspiration for a Touch of Flair

Nov 14, 2019

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~Pierre Yovanovitch’s seventeenth-century château in Provence~

Decorating our homes takes time, and knowing which signature touches to add also requires time, but often, once we know ourselves well, we simply struggle to find how to communicate a touch of personal flair without overwhelming the space.

Recently Catherine Synave released a Parisian decor inspired book Parisian Tastemakers: Tastemakers at Home. Inside, she spotlights the residences of 25 Parisian tastemakers who do not hesitate when it comes to adding that je ne sais quoi, or that simple, yet signature touch of personal flair to their homes.

I have pulled a handful of images from the book that captured simply luxurious style, each exhibiting subtle, yet significant unique taste. However, if you are looking for brilliant and bold touches, you will also find them within the pages of the book as well.

Let’s take a look at each of the images. First of all, the above living room complete with a central and carved/sculpted fireplace mantle. What creates subtly is in keeping within the same tonal family. The details shine even more brightly because they are not competing with bright, clashing colors. I would gladly sit down and enjoy conversation for hours with friends and family if a roaring fire was ignited and time was not limited.

Below, the library using a lighter wood and again opts for a tonal aesthetic. While still bright due to the lighter shade of wood, the statement is made in the craftsmanship of the shelves and ceiling paneling as well as the wing-backed taupe chair.

Keep dining simple, but don’t forget to set the table. This kitchenette space is intimate and inviting. A simple neutral tablecloth, a bouquet of flowers, wine carafe and placed by a window for ample natural light. Gentle, yet utterly sophisticated, Parisian style bien sûr.

~Alain Demachy~

Outdoor spaces, no matter how small, can easily be elevated with a classic, yet sturdy bistro table and chairs that are as unique, yet simple as they are functional. Add pots full of green shrubbery and perennial plants and you have yourself a garden oasis in the city.

~Mark Minkowski~

Have a love affair with bookS and never apologize. Parisians, the French, arguably love their books and display them proudly but without pretentious as seen here. In fact, in the second photo below, I appreciate how the books are paired with vases, serving as storage and yet enabling the vases’ unique beauty to shine even if they do not hold a blossom.

I never know where a drop of decor inspiration will introduce itself, and while some of the homes showcased in Parisian Tastemakers brilliantly showcases the power of proper flair that may exceed my comfort, the flair I will always opt for will be the subtle, yet signature touches that express a profound sentiment for the inhabitants but also to guests who spend time in the space as showcased in the above images. Unique thoughtful finds hold memories we never want to forget, and how we arrange our furniture speaks to our needs to live well and comforably so.

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